At Alex·After Goodrich became the mayor of Detroit,This is Danny·Cardison’s campaign leader is now Alex·Director of Economic Development Affairs in Goodrich’s Office——It’s basically a wage job。

When I heard that Fernandez asked himself to plan a campaign,Dany·Cardison was all excited:Have money。After listening to Chen Geng’s introduction,Dany·Cardison nodded repeatedly:“OK,OK,no problem,No problem at all!I am very optimistic about Ms. Rachel’s success rate,Have your strong financial support,With strong support from used car practitioners throughout Detroit,I can’t think of the reason why Ms. Rachel would lose。”
“But i am a woman……”Rachel whizzing,A little unconfident。
Dany·Cardison laughed:“female?What’s wrong with the girl,Senate、All members of the House of Representatives have female members,The voice of a female congressman is louder than that of ten male hospitals,In practice, a female parliamentarian can attract more than ten times as many spotlights as a male parliamentarian.。I actually agree with Mr. Fernandez’s judgment,If Miss Rachel, you really plan to participate in this election,Your gender will be a huge advantage……”
He just doesn’t say what to do。
Chen Geng naturally understood Dani in his heart·The meaning of Cardison,Nodded and said:“I am Mr. Cardison,I very much believe in your ability and experience in the campaign,If you help Miss Rachel develop the whole campaign plan、And provide consulting support throughout the campaign,How much do i need to pay your company?”
Yes,In addition to being the director of the Economic Development Division of the Mayor’s Office of Detroit,Dany·Cardison also started a company in partnership with others,But it’s not their favorite consulting company,But a small law firm,But no matter what,With such a law firm,No matter what income you can use“advisory”Cover up。
Dany·Cardison:“1.5Ten thousand U.S. dollars。”
“1.5Ten thousand U.S. dollars?”Rachel exclaimed。
The price is a bit beyond her imagination,Just in the chat,Dany·Cardison has made it clear,Just a member of the city council,The total expenditure during the entire campaign will not exceed10Ten thousand U.S. dollars,But he just provides some consulting services,Charge1.5Ten thousand U.S. dollars?
“I promise that my charge is very fair,Absolutely meet the industry standards,”Involving one’s own credibility,Dany·Cardison’s expression immediately became serious:“And after paying,Miss Rachel, do you have anything during the campaign、any problem,Can find me,Even the construction of the campaign team,These are no problems。
You must understand,Without the advice and guidance I provided,Your chance of success will not exceed50%,But with my guidance,I tell you,You have stepped into the door of the Detroit Assembly with one foot now。”
Stop Rachel who wants to say something,Chen Geng nodded:“OK,1.5Ten thousand dollars1.5Ten thousand U.S. dollars,But Mr. Cardison,I must remind you again……”
Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Dany·Cadison said seriously:“I have to rely on this to eat,Please trust me,I cherish this signboard more than anyone。”
The expert is the expert,With Dani·The campaign plan given by Cardison and the composition of the campaign team he designed,Plus she is the only female candidate among all candidates,This alone won the support of a large number of female voters,In total10Among the candidates,Rachel has been at the forefront from the beginning,Approval rate goes up all the way,Not halfway through the selection process,Rachel’s approval rating is already ranked second、The third Edward family、The support rate of the two Davis candidates combined is even higher。
From this moment,It is destined that Rachel has firmly locked one of the two seats。
In later elections,Rachel is playing a female card,Even several other female members of the Detroit City Council came out to help Rachel platform,Call for an increase in the proportion of women in parliament,Aroused a huge response among women in Detroit,So that no one candidate can threaten her,When the election officially ends three months later,Rachel officially became a member of the Detroit City Council with an absolute advantage。

“What are you going to do?”Rosemary asked。

“I’ll go back soon。”
Chen Geng’s indifferent way:“Next year’sDRAMMemory bidding,in advance。”
Rosemary understood what he meant instantly:Relying onthinkcenterSeries of microcomputers are selling well worldwide,Data Research Corporation is now the world’s largest manufacturer of microcomputers,And as the world’s largest、At the same time, a microcomputer manufacturer whose production capacity is expanding rapidly,Data Research CompanyDRAMThe memory demand is huge。
The same,Because hugeDRAMMemory requirements,Data research companiesDARMMemory vendors also have a pivotal influence:If the data research company does not purchase a previous partner’sDRAMRAM,This cooperative enterprise may only be crying。
Although Intel’sDRAMHigh memory price、Quality is not so good,But in order to take care of my ownCPUsupplier,Data research companies have been purchasing a certain percentage ofDRAMRAM,But if the data research company reduces Intel’sDRAMMemory purchase ratio,Intel’s life can be sad,The worst the worst,The stock price will fall under the stimulus of this news。
According to the original plan,The data research company is going to gather medicine at the beginning of next month and hold next year’s bidding conference for each component,But if Chen Geng insists to advance the bidding conference by one month,No one will say anything,Even some manufacturers secretly cheer:I determined my share a day earlier,Don’t worry about it a day earlier?
But Rosemary is also worried:“But if Intel can reduceCPUSupply threats us,How to do?”
“Ha ha……”
Facing Rosemary’s problem,Chen Geng’s answer was two sneers with confidence:“Leave it to you here,I want to make Intel’s bastards understand,;Why is Lao Tzu their father!”
Did not go back to Detroit,Chen Geng’s private jet flies non-stop from China to California。
Dorothy·Kirydale and Gary·Kilidares、Chevat·The management team of the entire data research company including Ford, Egypt went to the airport to welcome Chen Geng’s arrival,See Chen Geng,Dorothy looked ashamed:“boss,I let you down。”
Although I am not very satisfied with Dolucy’s work,But in front of so many people,Chen Geng still wants to save her some face,Wave his hand,Chen Geng said:“Shares are the foundation of a company,We want to cut meat from Intel,Intel can’t stop struggling twice,right?”
Lucy and Gary were relieved。
But I didn’t think Chen Geng hadn’t finished talking yet,Speaking of which,He immediately changed the topic,Said:“But Intel feels that cutting flesh is uncomfortable is one thing,Do we insist on cutting meat from them,That’s another matter,Dorothy,For your results this time,I am very dissatisfied。”
Unexpectedly, Chen Geng was actually in front of the core management of the entire data research company.,Criticized himself without mercy,Dorothy·Kiredale’s face suddenly turned pale,But for Chen Geng’s criticism,She is irrefutable,Pursed his lips,Duluxi lowered his head:“Yes,boss,I didn’t do it well。”
“but,It’s not your fault……”

Yao Xiaoqin is swearing,Then he looked aggrieved and rebelled,But there are many masters here,Plus Yao Xiaoqin was tied up and couldn’t even move,The final result of course is to be forced to drink water that was added to the night。

As for Qiao Shan,I don’t know if it’s deliberately acting stupid or something,Anyway, you don’t need to do anything after the things are brought up,He is very“Autonomous”Drank the ground。
Then he was sent to the next room,Then the door was closed。
All these people can see。
Then Qiao Wei sighed,“Ugh,I’m not morally bad
But no one answered his words。Even everyone looks at the nose, nose and heart。Although if this matter is known to outsiders, it will definitely become a stain for everyone,But these years,Many things are written by the winner。
If this incident can heal Qiao Shan’s heart demon,Then Qiao Shan and Qiao Wei will definitely stand firmly among the members of their side。
Reaping this level of thugs is a good thing for them.!
of course,By this time everyone must be tacit。
Early next morning,Qin Feng heard a very sad cry without accident。After all, he is not far from Qiao Shan’s room。Plus,The rooms in this place actually have a ghostly soundproofing measure!
of course,He also heard many voices of mediation。
“Ha ha,Are all from our Qiao family,You have to obey women’s morals in the future, know??”
“Ah woo woo——”

“Alas,You two are pretty sensible,Know my name, Jiang Er。”Said the man who just spoke,At the same time, he is extending his hand to Jiang Yan’s face。

“Ouch,It hurts me。”Jiang Er shouted。
“is it?Doesn’t it hurt,I haven’t tried hard。”Qin Feng said with a smile。
“do you know?You are still very sick。”Qin Feng said softly。
“You fucking sick,I live well,How could it be sick。”Jiang Er said,At this time, Jiang Er’s wrist was held by Qin Feng,Holding his wrist,Jiang Er lie on the ground。
“Only I can cure your disease,Don’t worry about it。”Qin Feng said with a smile。
“Have you had a bad appetite these days?,And sometimes dizzy,Do you still have it for almost a month,Never slept well once。”Qin Feng said。
At this time, Jiang Er’s face turned dark,:“I didn’t tell anyone what happened these days,How would he know,Am I really sick?”Jiang Er thought so in his heart。
“Young Xia, can you let me go first? I have something to say。”At this time, Jiang Er has another slave surname like a dog。
“Yanyan, let’s go。”After Qin Feng finished speaking, he took Jiang Yan to the front。
“Young man you,help me,I am willing to be a cow and a horse for you。”Back Eji,Follow Qin Feng and Jiang Yan。
“I teach you can,But you have to exchange something,All right,I won’t have children,You see if you want to survive or?”Qin Feng finished,Jiang Yan laughed out loud。
“Kid,You toast and not eat fine wine,Do you know who I am?”Jiang Er looks fierce again now。
“Oh,who are you?”Qin Feng said at a loss。

“boss,I think about it,”Statham’s calm way:“You must have someone you trust and command power in the police system,I am willing to go to the police station。”

Statham’s answer did not disappoint Chen Geng,He nodded slightly,nod:“it is good,Then you go to the police station,As for the business in charge,See,I will try to get you to the traffic police department……Rosemary,Do you have any department you want to go to?”
“I?”Rosemary smiled:“Since Mr. Statham is willing to go to the police station,I’ll go to finance then。”
“You go to the financial department?”Chen Geng was a little surprised。
“Ok,I’ll help you stare。”Rosemary nodded。
Many people know more about the U.S. political system based on the election of the U.S. president,I always feel that the President of the United States is being stung by the Senate and the House of Representatives all day,There is nothing else to do except wrangling with the House and Senate,Typical air bag,It’s the same in the place,But it’s not exactly like this,To the city level,The power of the mayor of the United States is divided into different situations in each city“Strong mayor system”with“Weak mayor system”。
So-called“Weak mayor system”,Needless to say,Just a smaller version of the US President’s title,But in“Strong mayor system”under,The mayorXMade a big deal,In addition to being directly elected by voters,He also has the appointment of heads of government departments、Power to veto bills passed by the City Council,of course,The city council has to decide on major issues,But in general government affairs, the mayor has the final say。
If analogy,You can probably think of it as the domestic secretary andSThe longer one,Even more power,After all domesticSlong、The secretary has to listen to what the province says,Available in the U.S.,The situation of the mayor and the governor is not too common。
First1125chapter Go back to the village quietly
Although the attention of the media around the world has been attracted by the disintegration of the Soviet Union,But it’s not that nobody pays attention to Chen Geng’s election as the next mayor of Detroit with a high approval rating.,in contrast,This time,Chen Geng’s every move was followed by China Foreign Affairs System,At the moment when the election dust settles,The foreign affairs system reported the incident to the country as soon as possible。
no doubt,The most concerned thing in China is the disintegration of the Soviet Union,After the collapse of the Soviet Union,What impact will it have on our international environment,Have those advantages,What are the disadvantages,Facing the new situation、new challenge,What measures should we take……So many,The lower-level government departments may not feel,But at the top and various think tanks,I’m busy now!
But in general,Everyone felt the sudden increase in pressure on their shoulders。
No one is a fool,No matter how disharmonious our relationship with the Soviet Union was before,But everyone knows,When the Soviet Union’s Big Brother helped us with it before,Big brother helped us share the pressure、How many eyes did it attract,But now,Soviet Big Brother is gone,And China has become the largest socialist country on earth,At the same time, this social idea country is not a dispensable small country like March and a half or Cuba.,It is the most populous country with the third largest land area in the world。The old man once said“Imperialism will never die”,In the past ten years of reform and opening up,From top to bottom, everyone deeply felt the imperialist malice towards us.,Now the Soviet Union is gone,How will the North Atlantic Treaty Organization headed by the United States deal with us?,Really just thinking about it makes a lot of people scalp!
at this time,Chen Geng who was successfully elected mayor of Detroit,It has become the best bridge in the eyes of some people to ease the relationship between China and the United States,Around this question,Inside a certain red wall in the capital,A group of people are arguing fiercely……
“If you can,I think it’s better to invite Chen Geng to come to our country for a visit,”With glassesAPushed the glasses,Loudly:“we all know,Mr. Chen Geng not only and former President Carter、Former President Bush and many cabinet members of the Qian government have close relations,The relationship with the current US President Bill Jr. is also very unusual,After Chen Geng was elected mayor of Detroit,Little Bill also personally called Chen Geng to congratulate him,In addition, his relationship with the Pentagon and Congress is also very good,the most important is,He has always been very friendly to us,I think it is necessary to invite Mr. Chen over,Help us come up with ideas,Even if it’s just some suggestions。”

Received a call from Collins McKenny,Chen Geng is a little bit incredulous:So fast?

Although the technical requirements of this series of engines are not high、Not difficult,But it was able to complete the draft design of the entire core machine in such a short time in a nearly single-handed manner.,This is too exaggerated?
But incredible is incredible,Chen Geng does not believe that Collins McKenney will use his reputation to make such silly jokes with himself,What’s more, although the actual design was completed by Collins McKenney in a nearly single-handed manner,But COMAC still provides30A number of aero-engine engineering and designers assisted Collins McKennie in his work,Even if Collins McKenney lied,The old employees of COMAC who assisted Collins McKenney with the design can’t lie.?
Thought for a while,Chen Geng picked up the phone and called Fang Zhiqiang, the chief engineer of the original Chengfa Factory:“Lao Fang,Mr. McKenney just said that he has completed the preliminary design draft of the core machine,You come with me。”
I know what my boss meant to call myself,Fang Zhiqiang happily agreed without saying a word:“Good boss。”
Although Collins McKennie’s time to join COMAC is still very short,But for Fang Zhiqiang, COMAC’s leading expert in the field of aero engines,He is no stranger,Regarding Chen Geng’s act of bringing Fang Zhiqiang here,Collins McKennie was not surprised:If the boss doesn’t bring an expert to see his design,That’s the problem。
After a brief greeting,Collins McKenney excitedly introduced his design to Chen Geng and Fang Zhiqiang……
“The core machine I designed,In order to reduce production costs as much as possible,At the same time, to ensure that we can smoothly produce these three series of engines、Sell out,Two characteristics were determined at the beginning of the design:One is modular,One is to use existing mature and even relatively backward technologies as much as possible……”
I know that Chen Geng is not so proficient in technology,So Collins McKenney is here,Slightly,Made a gesture to Chen Geng:“If analogy,Structure and materials are in the UK60Early age level,Ok,That is‘Trident’On the airliner‘Spey’mk505Engine technical level,Lower than that introduced in your country‘Spey’mk202Technical level。”
Chen Geng immediately looked at Fang Zhiqiang……Technical stuff,He doesn’t understand either。
Fang Zhiqiang nodded slightly to Chen Geng,That Collins McKenney is right,The design of his core machine,It is indeed a large number of mature、Even familiar with some backward technology。
Chen Geng nodded:“Ok,You continue。”

Stared for five seconds、Professor Song waiting for Chen Geng to continue talking,Froze for a while:“that’s it?”

that’s it?No other requirements?
Chen Geng nodded and said:“Ok,that’s it。”
Other requirements?Chen Geng believes that you don’t need to mention it yourself,Someone will arrange it for themselves。
Professor Song was so excited,Hold Chen Geng’s hand tightly,His eyes are red:“Xiao Chen,Thank you……On behalf of the students from major universities in the capital, thank you for your generosity……”
Yes,Just donate generously,Chen Geng is using this method to support the education of the motherland,In addition to generous donation,Professor Song Jingying could not think of the reason why Chen Geng did this,This is obviously not good for him。
The old professor has made a decision secretly,I must write a report when I look back,Then even if you give up your old face,Invite professors from major universities in the capital、Signatures of leaders:Patriotic Chinese and overseas Chinese like Chen Geng,Country absolute、I can’t let him suffer anyway!Although the country is still relatively poor,But it must be compensated in other ways,Let these overseas children who care about the motherland know,After any,The country will remember every contribution made by their overseas children to the country。
Chen Geng doesn’t know what the old professor thinks,He smiled:“You’re welcome,Centennial plan、Education-oriented,For the revitalization of this country and nation、Prosperity do something within its power,It’s my honor。”
this time,Professor Song didn’t say anything,Just shook Chen Geng’s hand hard——it is more than words,We won’t let true friends suffer。
Chen Geng,From the corner of his gaze, he inadvertently saw Comrade Old Ding coming here,I can’t help but feel a little strange:Why is he here?
PS:Although it’s a bit late,But finally got out,I don’t know if there are any brothers waiting。
Subscribed terribly,I guess I won’t even drink the gruel any longer.,Dear guest officials,Ask for subscription, ask for monthly pass,Everyone is rich holding a money market、No money,Let Thousand Years occasionally eat dry mouthfuls and pour the broth。
First137chapter Are thinking carefully

“What do you want?So many people,Do you still want to be hard?”Xiaomei is afraid,But at this time I also behave neither humble nor humble。

“Humph,I won’t disturb the guests here,You follow me obediently,Otherwise, I’ll go to your house and trouble your family。”
Xiaomei was shocked when she heard the word family。Her mother raised her so much,For most of my life,Finally saw Xiaomei grow up,Even started an internship,Of course all this is not easy,Xiaomei also knows how hard her mother is,So she once vowed to let her mother enjoy。
of course,Sometimes I still come to the bar to cheat and drink when I feel stressed,After all, she drinks well,And good judgment,It’s unlikely to touch the drugged wine,No matter who you are facing。
So the mixed bar has been fine for the past two years。
I just met this young master named Lin Wenxiong not long ago,When I saw him,Really made Xiaomei feel good,I think this person looks like a talent,And I didn’t say I wanted to eat her tofu while drinking,Also because of this,So Xiao Mei handed it over when Lin Wenxiong asked her to take the phone.。
But who can think of,Just got along for a week,This person is a little bit plain,Said he wanted to open a room with her。
Of course Xiaomei can’t agree,After all, she spent so long in the club,I have seen a lot of men,So I know that many men just treat this place as a place of joy。No sincerity,Men just play for fun,So I lost seriously。
Xiaomei said at the time,I just want to keep the best part on the wedding night。
But I heard this,Lin Wenxiong is angry,Actually want to come hard。Fortunately, Xiaomei ran fast,Only then escaped。
And on the second day,Lin Wenxiong actually called Xiaomei to return the precious watch,Said her Xiaomei is a bad woman who is greedy for vanity and cheating money。
Originally, Xiao Mei didn’t want the things Lin Wenxiong gave,But she naturally gets angry when she hears the other side slander her like this,He directly scolded and said that he would throw away the things and not return it to her。
Later, she was really angry and threw it directly to someone who was sleeping on the bridge.“prodigal son”。
That’s how it happened,But who can think of,Just when Xiaomei wants to drink some wine to vent her depressed mood,Actually I will encounter Lin Wenxiong leading a gangster to make trouble?
“It turned out to be such a thing?”Qin Feng smiled。
When Lin Wenxiong heard Qin Feng’s words, he frowned,“brothers,Which way are you on?”
“Ha ha.”Qin Feng smiled and ignored Lin Wenxiong,But looking at the gangsters behind him,“A few yellow bastards,Who are you with?I don’t know this is where Situ worships the moon?I wonder if the underground forces in the East City have been unified by Situ Baiyue?”
Several yellow hairs couldn’t help but step back when they heard this。

and so,Great Wall Computer either finds its own way to develop an operating system with its own intellectual property rights and patents,Either get authorization and permission from a data research company,Without authorization and permissionCP/MSinicization of operating system,I strongly disagree。”

Facing Chen Geng’s resolute attitude,Li Rui couldn’t help but frowned。
As one of the main leaders of the Ministry of Electronics Industry,Also a leader of the State Administration of Computer Industry,Actually, Li Rui“inCP/MOperating system to Chinese”Don’t care much about this,I didn’t think it was such a big deal at all,But now,Facing Chen Geng’s resolute attitude,He can’t help but have a headache。
Just when Li Rui frowned and wondered from which angle he should discuss this issue with Chen Geng,The student Xiao Yan just spoke,He looked angry:“What you say is nice,What to respect intellectual property,But not to make money from us?”
Li Rui, who is having a headache,Suddenly, he was pissed off by Yan Yuan’s remarks,This Xiaoyan,Is there any political consciousness?、With no organization and party spirit?Do you know that your remarks will only intensify conflicts?!Are you talking nonsense at this time??He immediately reprimanded:“Comrade Yan Yuanchao,How do you talk?Don’t hurry to apologize to Comrade Chen Geng?”
Chen Geng was amused by the words of Yan Yuan。
He waved at Li Rui first,Then he turned his head and said to Yan Yuanchao:“Mr. Yan,According to the labor value theory of your great revolutionary teacher, Mr. Marx,Only labor can create value,Only labor can create wealth,Is this correct??”
Chen Geng just started talking,Li Rui knew what Chen Geng was going to say:Only labor can create value,Only labor can create wealth,Since you respect the visible wealth created by individual workers,Why doesn’t the software industry respect the code written by the author line by line?
Is the steel produced by the workers in the production workshop、car、Bicycles and even airplanes and cannons are wealth,Does the programmer type out the code line by line、Isn’t the software written for wealth??
Of course impossible!
As the person in charge of the development of electronic computer technology in China,Li Rui knows very well,With the development of technology,The role of software in the development of industry and the national economy is becoming more and more important:The most advanced CNC machine tools do not require code and software?The missile requires no code and software?Advanced warships and aircraft require no code and software?
Of course want!
Otherwise, the country will not include the development of microcomputers in the major technological products of the National Sixth Five-Year Plan。

“Uh……Chinese people are very enthusiastic,Very enthusiastic,”Statham scratched his head:“Passion I can’t imagine,I never thought that an American would be so popular in China。”

Paused,Statham added:“I didn’t expect that we would actually make so much money in this country。”
“now it’s right,”Chen Geng is satisfied with Statham’s answer,As expected of the old man who has been with me for so long,Very clear what the answer is:“The Soviet Union we are going to next,In fact, your safety can be regarded as another Huaxia。”
Andy couldn’t help but cut in:“butboss,If I remember correctly,Whether it is China or the United States,The relationship with the Soviet Union is not so good, right??”
Chen Geng looked at him strangely:“Andy,Who told you two countries where the relationship is not normalized,Can’t do business?”
Yes,Although the diplomatic relations between China and the Soviet Union have not yet officially returned to normalization,But in fact since80The relationship between the two countries was not so hostile in the years,China and the Soviet Union have their own national economy and people’s livelihood needs,Border trade has started in the northern border area,Last year alone,That is1985year,The total value of goods exported to the Soviet Union has been as high as30Billion2578Ten thousand4310yuanRMB,The frequency and scale of trade far exceed people’s imagination。
Andy scratched his head:It seems that I did ask an extremely stupid question?
“I tell you,The more this is the case,The more it is a paradise for us businessmen,”Chen Geng’s angry way:“Think of our respected capitalist Mr. Hamer,How much money did he make in the Soviet Union?Think about us who first entered China,How much money has been made in China over the years?”
Although Hamer is not the richest man in America,but“Red capitalist”The nickname made him the most special among the American billionaires,Especially his daring experience of doing business with the Soviets in his early years,Not only created a legend,It makes countless people admire him,Now Chen Geng not only showed Hamer’s example,Also took out myself,Just to tell those who heard the Soviet Union’s discoloration、smellKGBDiscolored guy:Don’t be blinded by the lies deliberately made by the capitalists and the damn media,The more so,The more opportunity to make big money。
The bodyguards who were filled with Chen Geng,Suddenly I was a little bit silly。
It’s better for the elderly,Lalefort asked carefully:“and so……boss,You are going to visit the Soviet Union?”
“What’s the problem?”
“No no,”Lalefort shook his head hurriedly:“Just……I want to remind you,It seems that the United States and China,I don’t have any relations with the Soviet Union……Hehe,boss,You understand what i want to say。”