They didn’t expect,Qin Feng would trust Zhong Fa so much。Should this be called honey.So confident?Even have such a strong confidence in his subordinates,What exactly is this person constructed?
“Qin Feng boss,Not everyone has your strength!”Yamucha couldn’t help but say。
“Yamu tea,You should have seen Zhong Fa’s combat effectiveness in the previous battle, right??He is good at both long attack and close combat。Besides, he has studied my throwing knife for so long,Even if it’s not like the flying knife king,But it’s not far!”
Qin Feng sighed!It’s a bit regretful to think that I can’t use the throwing knife because of my injury。
“All right,Go and see the nine days team!”
Qin Feng stopped talking nonsense,Although he still feels his body is still uncomfortable,But since I came here for a purpose,Then look at the member of Jiu Tian who is still in a coma.。
“Here!”Lin Wenkong leads the way。
Not long,Qin Feng arrived at a certain room,The medical equipment here must be relatively crude。But I can see that this room has been disinfected。
Qin Feng didn’t enter the room,After all, he is also afraid that he will infect each other with bacteria。So it’s better to watch from a distance。
The faces of members of Jiutian are very pale,I look weak。Even if there are instruments to give him a drip, he can still see that this person’s situation is not optimistic.。
Just then Lin Wenkong spoke,“This one, if I remember correctly,The code name should be Linglong。I met this person before,Even if we are a member of the second team,But Jiutian people don’t like us very much。In fact, I’m also a little worried if he doesn’t listen to advice when he wakes up, it’s hard to do it here.。”
Lin Wenkong’s meaning is very simple,Just want to send this person away。After all, for this barracks,If this guy wakes up, it will definitely become a disaster。
“It’s ok,I am here。He will give me face!”
Qin Feng said confidently。of course,The taste is stronger!Will people give face to other special forces for nine days??Definitely not!Didn’t you see what happened to Jiutian Chuxiao??The person who saw Qin Feng wanted to kill,how could
Whether you are in another special team or another position。
“Does Mr. Qin Feng really have such confidence in Zhong Fa??”

As for Chuanren?Of course still dealing with the media,After all, but there was a shooting in front of the official building,These things need to be handled by him personally。

of course,His handling is also very tough,It didn’t take long to suppress this matter。
It’s just that this has nothing to do with Qin Feng。
“Master, don’t worry,I will make a career in the island country,Try not to lose face to you and the master!”Li Huan said。
Chapter Two Hundred and Five Return home
10month1number,For many people in China, it is a National Day holiday。And around eight o’clock in the evening,Qin Fengcai returned to Dongcheng from Beixiong Airport。
When he returned to the villa,The three women looked at him with strange eyes。
“Qin Feng?”
“Looks a little like,But not sure。”
Before Qin Feng left, he covered his face,After all, he was burned by the explosion at that time。Later he got the name of a faceless boss。As for now,He removed the bandage long ago to show his true face,But there are still some differences before。
“All right,Haven’t seen me for so long,Shouldn’t you give me a hug or something?Why so indifferent?”Qin Feng pretended to be angry。
But the three girls seem to be completely different from what they used to be,Don’t eat Qin Feng’s set at all。
“Brother Qin Feng,Don’t waste your effort。We are all angry too,After all, you disappeared for almost half a year,We are all very worried。So this behavior is also normal at this time!”Wang Mengmeng explained。
“amount.”Qin Feng touched his nose,I don’t know what to respond。
“Aha,Since the National Day holiday, you are all here,It’s better to wait for us to have a good meal?But I will take a shower first。”Finished,Qin Feng sneaked into the bathroom to take a bath。
I haven’t returned to Dongcheng Villa for a long time,How much will Qin Feng feel a trance。As for the performance of the three women,How much made him a little bit lost。
After all, they used to live together for such a long time。

“I am not very interested in money,Just have fun,I had a great time today,Then do you think about letting me go?”

Evincent’s voice is seductive,But unfortunately,The robber on the opposite side who didn’t even have time to ask about his name was very impatient。
&nStill holding his gun at Ivincent,The voice is cold when I speak。
“I said it before,How to ship the money out,It’s not your worry now!”
“and many more!and many more!”Evincent seems to be doing the last struggle,Speak:“Give me three more seconds,Maybe something else will happen!”
After talking about Evincent, he didn’t give that person a chance to refuse.,Start countdown,And the only one left,After Evincent finished the countdown, he let out a sneer.,Like announcing,No one can save the person in front of him……
Chapter Three Hundred A bold plan
Under the premise of absolute advantage,Few people are upset,And those who don’t forget their shape after being proud,hardly。
So when the only remaining robber pointed a pistol at Evincent,Inevitably there will be some kindness,Such as giving Evincent the right to speak,For example, Ivincent can have a countdown to three and two.,But it’s like the probability of winning a lottery,Everybody only once,After forgiving Ivincent’s count of three and two,,The only remaining robber does not intend to give Evincent any more chance。
Evincent bit his mouth helplessly,In the eyes of the robber opposite him,This is undoubtedly the performance after resignation。
“You can say goodbye!”
Pick up the pistol,Just himfacai.’S voice hasn’t fallen yet,Before the gunfire,A louder popping sound almost shattered everyone’s eardrums。

Followed by,Fatty stared with blood-red big eyes,Turned around and crashed into Hou Jianjun。

Why didn’t Hou Jianjun react?,His thin body has reached mid-air,Just feel like the sky is spinning,Then lighten up,Flew out lightly。
A beautiful shoulder fall,Solved Mr. Hou neatly。
text Chapter One Hundred and One Violence is undesirable
? The crowd onlookers were hooked,This is really fat,Powerful,And I feel so much about fighting。
After falling off Hou Jianjun,Fatty rushed into the crowd,One hand one,Hold two heads still in a daze in your palms,Force one together,Bang,This voice hurts everyone’s brain。
Solved two more times,The remaining few people were deterred by the fat and dignified god,Scared to run,I can’t even take care of Mr. Hou。
“roll!Dare to touch my grandma again,I chopped you off!”Chubby tiger roar,It shook everyone’s eardrums humming。
After killing these bad guys,Fat Dun quickly turned around to help grandma,And dusted off the clothes for grandma,Acts like a tiger sniffing a rose,Seeing that the women next to me have sore noses,I want to wipe my tears。
Who says this is stupid?He is so kind to grandma,Better than anyone else!But when I think of the fate that the grandparents and grandchildren might encounter next,Many people couldn’t help but let out a long sigh in their hearts。
President Hou’s group was broken up,But the demolition work did not stop because of this。
quickly,Less than an hour,Several sturdy men from the security department of the main plant surrounded Hou Jianjun and came to the house of the grandparents。
This time,There are more workers watching the excitement,They tightly surrounded the two fat grandparents,Cast contempt at the group of greyhounds in the security department。
Hou Jianjun pointed to the fat man sitting in front of his house,Holding a swollen cheek,Yelled viciously:“It’s that silly boy!He violently confronted the demolition,Seriously affected the work arrangements of the factory leaders。”
Fat Dun moved a little Mazar,Da Ma Jindao sitting at the door of the house。

Their captain took a quick glance around,After confirming that there are only three of them in this area temporarily,Roared:“speed!Defeat them with the fastest speed!Take down Chiyue equipment!”

The voice has not fallen,His teammates have already rushed out,Facing the temptation of Chiyue equipment,Anyone has red eyes。
But in an instant,The four who rushed out,Fell to the ground at the same time,Made a scream like a pig。
Because the joints of each of them,All were stabbed by Huang Shaotian’s sword,Can only fall to the ground weakly,Even the real combat power is not shown。
“I go!You mother-in-law is fierce too!I haven’t taken a shot yet!You treat me as shameless!”Tu Shanming opened his mouth wide,Staring at the four guys on the floor rolling in pain,Yelled helplessly。
This team has all three professions,Is the standard God Nation battle mode,It’s a pity whether it’s a warrior known for defense,Or a Taoist who can perform healing,Were all stabbed in an instant,Not to mention the fragile legal post。
Because Huang Shaotian’s body style and sword speed are too fast!So fast that they caught them off guard,Caught off guard。
Combat power between the two,Not one level at all!These four unlucky ghosts are just the most common level 40 combat power,How can I be faster than Huang Shaotian?
quickly,Another team quickly approached here。
When they saw the four lying down on the ground,All froze,But they obviously have no chance to hesitate,Because the sword of the beautiful swordsman has stabbed the target,Four people fell to the ground at the same time,In a very suffocated way,It’s over if there is still no chance to show true combat power。
The three princes who saw this scene through the magic device projection outside the field,And the members of the eight seeded teams,All looking at each other。
“fast!too fast!”
“How could it be so fast?”They are full of questions。
Especially those seeded players,They almost all recognize the beautiful swordsman Huang Shaotian,Also know her previous strength,With some of them。
As long as the characteristics of the beautiful swordsman,It is not particularly difficult to win her!
but,That’s an outdated judgment!Huang Shaotian in the picture before him,Relying on that ghostly body,And that long sword faster than lightning,She has obviously become the level of the captains of the giant seeded team,Has become their rival。

International Mathematical Olympiad,Is the highest competition in the international mathematics world,from1894Since the official start of the year,The U.S. has always ruled this event,Unlimited scenery。

But all this is1985Changed year。
This year,Huaxia sent a team to participate in the International Mathematical Olympiad for the first time,Since then, the China National Team has risen rapidly,Surpassing the United States in one fell swoop to monopolize the game’s total score first。
The United States has been suppressed by China for many years,It’s been a long time since I had the first overall score。
Lost one after another in the highest competition in the mathematics competition,Let the American Mathematical Association face down,Angry into anger,They made up their minds,Have to fight a beautiful turnaround。
So the American Mathematical Association selects the best mathematics genius from the nation,Inviting Li Jiaxing out of the mountain,Served as the head coach of the U.S. National Team,Full preparation1994YearIMO。
When the American Mathematical Association asked Li Jiaxing to go out,Li Jiaxing seems to have found a new goal in life,Agreed with one bite。
And his reason is simple,In this life, he has only failed to achieve two things: being elected president of the United States and leading the national team to win the International Olympics.。
Crazy enough!
Under the leadership of Li Jiaxing,1994year7month8day–20day,in**Held the first35International Mathematical Olympiad,The U.S. National Team finally got its wish,Achieved a good result of the first overall score with a weak score!
So today in the Massachusetts Hall of the Harvard Temple,American Mathematical Society held a grand celebration ceremony,Thanks to Li Jiaxing for helping them save their faces,Li Jiaxing becomes an American hero again!
Actually for this matter,In the previous life, Qiao Tianyu had a fierce quarrel with Li Jiaxing。
Qiao Tianyu strongly disagrees with him leading the U.S. National Team to compete with the China National Team,For Qiao Tianyu,This is unreasonable。
However, the reason Li Jiaxing gave was,He is already a fourth-generation immigrant,He who has never returned to China,Have no idea about China。
Moreover,Li Jiaxing just sees this as a personal challenge,He never had the idea of national competition in his mind。

If it wasn’t for Wen Guohao’s more gentle appearance,,Yu Shan won’t be with him!

Thought of here,Feel better,As long as the company’s legal person adds its own name,I’ll be all my own from now on!
“What can you do?”Wen Guohao asked,I don’t believe it。
“Do not worry,My friend is very powerful!These tens of millions to him,It’s just a nod,Rest assured!”
“Shanshan,Still you have the ability!”
See my parents reconciled,Wen Yunyun’s princess has a temper again,Thinking of my grievances at school today,Upset in a moment。
“Parents!You have to be the master for me!If it wasn’t for those bitches,I won’t go to prison at all!They laughed at me!”
Hear words,A touch of pampering flashed across Wen Guohao’s face,Learned that the company is saved,Naturally, I have to take care of this。
“Who dares to laugh at my Wen Guohao’s daughter??Dad made them wander around!”
I heard Wen Guohao’s words,Wen Yunyun is happy,I’m adding more vinegar to tell me what happened this morning。
Hear words,Wen Ziheng was a little surprised,In such a month,Even his sister was sent to prison by that slut warm and warm!
The long and narrow phoenix eyes are slightly fascinated,It seems this warmth is not easy to deal with now?I didn’t care about it,Now it seems,I still need to pay attention。
Thought of here,I don’t want to go to school anymore!
“mom,I don’t want to go to that school anymore,Or if I choose to go to school, I don’t want to live on campus!I still have to protect you!”

Not only did they get the first place,Completed the Fusion Ceremony,More importantly, I got“Dragon God’s favor”This magical title,And this also means,Someone finally got the open support of the Guangming Dragon Temple。

now,The group of temple guards outside the Hualixiang Inn,Has vividly and truly interpreted this result。
Even if these temple guards leave the Guangming Dragon Temple,Strength is discounted,And no one dared to offend them,Offend the object they defend,Dragon God’s Favored Wuhao。
In fact,The accident happened between Prince Ning’s Mansion and Liuyunzong outside the Guangming Dragon Temple,Not a secret,Has been clearly understood by all forces。
They are marveling at the strength and tyranny of the priest Lei Ji,I am also shocked by the fact that the Guangming Dragon Temple has such an obvious stance towards Wu Hao。
And Wu Hao represents the Bairimen forces behind him,When the two special forces of Bairimen and Guangming Dragon Temple are combined because of Wuhao,After making some kind of wonderful connection,It’s really hard to not have special associations。
And Prince Ning’s Mansion was also due to the continuous defeat of Wu Hao.,Leading to many forces that have already begun to favor them,Began to re-enter the wait-and-see stage。
“Wuhao,You really made a sacrifice?”Princess Huanhai thought about it all night,Finally, I still have a tired face that I can’t hide,Can’t help but ask。
After she thought about it,But I really don’t understand,Is Wu Hao lifting the tank for himself?,I got what I originally belonged to“Dragon God’s favor”title,There is still something hidden,In fact, Wu Hao also quietly sacrificed once。
If the latter,Then Princess Huanhai needs to know this Mr. Wu Hao again。
“This answer,Very important?”Lu Menglin didn’t answer directly,But to ask。
Princess Huanhai froze for a moment,Suddenly I feel that the other person’s question makes sense,Quite meaningful!
at this point,Why do I ask such stupid questions??
Should Wu Hao admit it himself?,He is not“Dragon God’s favor”,But an imposter?Even if he admits,The overbearing Lei Jiji priest would never admit it,Because that represents the worst accident,Misinterpreted God’s will,This is for a great priest who aspires to become the pope,Can definitely kill。

Vice President Chen will worry,Make this anchor popular and quit,So I started to care about the contract。

“New contract,YesAapproximately。”
Talk to a new anchor,This contract is pretty good。No matter how high it is, the artist appointment,Can take the signing fee,But time limit,Three years,Or how many years,Can only broadcast live on their platform。
“AUnreliable appointment,Change again,Find a way to get him to sign for more than three years,Can give a signature fee of less than 500,000。”
The staff is a bit embarrassed,Hesitated,Still tell the truth。
“Manager Chen,This may be a bit difficult。This anchor live broadcast is not for making money,People don’t lack money,I’m afraid I won’t sign a lease for more than three years for 500,000。”
in fact,He also wants to tell this Mr. Chen who is a little taken for granted,It’s just ten days and eight days of live broadcast,People received hundreds of thousands of live broadcast gifts。
It’s not yet a job as a Jianbao,During this period of time, Brother Hu has collected tens of millions of income?Will care about your hundreds of thousands of signing fees?Just kidding?
Ugly,As long as they are willing,Maybe you can buy your entire platform。
Vice President Chen frowned,He really didn’t pay attention to the family background of the anchor named Hu Ge,Subconsciously think,Isn’t the live broadcast just to make money??
Kind of just for fun,They only have Sister Le on their platform,Spend tens of millions,Bite yourself to become a big anchor。
Get!One more wonderful thing,Live broadcast is not for making money,That’s not easy。
“Rich second generation?”He asked。

The sword is more powerful than fists,It’s not because the power attached to it is stronger,But because they are sharp enough,Able to use the smallest angle,Exert the greatest strength,Which turns into terrible damage。

and so,The sword is an extension of human power,And superb skills,Can make this force sharper。
suddenly,There was a squeak from the sole of He Bu,That is the same time when the power bursts,Sole and ground
The sound of surface friction。
In an instant,I saw him turning into a flying rainbow,Raise a long knife,Like riding the wind,With lightning speed,Slash。
Knives burst,This knife is no trick,But better than any technique,From the most direct perspective,Shortest distance,Slashed on Maosen’s body。
A horror flashed across Maosen’s face,The explosive power of this knife is too strong,Even if he has been blessed by Fu Longfei,I don’t want to use my body to resist。
And he knows very well,After this cut,The kid has absolutely no power to continue swinging the knife,So he chose to retreat without hesitation。
With Maosen’s combat experience,Of course we will choose the most suitable way,Stay away,Wait for it,Fall again,Three exhausted,And he still has the cards,I’m not afraid of any tricks this kid can play,As long as the strength is strong,Everything can be suppressed。
Flint Room,While He Bu flew up,,The long knife falls。
Maosen snorted,Withdraw,I don’t know that I’m under this retreat,The situation suddenly changed again。
suddenly,Maosen only felt his lower body stagnated,A pair of legs won’t move,Under the big hack,Bow your head sharply,Only then discovered,I don’t know when,His calves are actually frozen。
The ice spread from the ground to Maosen’s calf,Freeze his two legs in place,And quickly spread upward。
Don’t ask,It must be Wei Xiaoxing’s method!The timing of his shot was really right,It happened to be when He Bu hit the strongest blow,Condensate into ice,Freeze Maosen。
Although these ice cubes can only trap Maosen for less than a second,But it’s more than enough。
Talking late,Then soon!He Bu’s long knife has been slashed to the evasive Maosen。
“The essence of controlling the style of play!If possible,I want to meet this kid’s teacher,Can teach such an apprentice,This person is never easy。”Fu Longfei, the first auxiliary of the military region, praised。